2021 Committee
President David Thorn
Bar Manager, Liaison
Vice President John Nielsen
Vice President
Norman Morcom Liaison
Treasurer and
Incorporation Secretary
Vicki Reid
Club Secretary Megan Pepprell  
Committee Sue Mahoney
Assistant Secretary
Committee   Publicity Officer
Committee Trevor May Tracking Trial Manager
Committee Nola Williams Trial Reporter
Committee Martha Schnider  
Committee Kristen Petersen Dog Shop
Committee Alois Schnider
Agility Trial Manager
Committee Susanne Witty  
Committee Debra Cartledge
Membership Secretary
Committee John Howard


2021 Training Panel
Supervisor of Training David Thorn
Deputy Supervisor  
Baby Puppies Megan Pepprell
Beginners Kristy Proudlock
Class 1 Bob Heinley
Class 2  
Class 3  
Class 4  
Class 5 Marta McKenzie
Class 6 Gordon Parsons
Agility Norman Morcom