Instructors Course 2021

We are looking for club members who have trained a dog to Class 3 or Class 4 standard and who are interested in becoming a club Instructor.

The KODC Instructors course will involveā€¦

Theory lessons

Supervised Practical training in each class.

The practical training consists of spending several lessons in each class (Baby Puppies, Class1, Class2, Class3 and Class4), the first couple of classes observing, and then assisting the instructor in teaching the exercises, and expanding to running the classes under supervision.

The course takes between 6 to 12 months to complete (depending on your availability). The course is only applicable to Obedience instructing, up to Class 4 level, further training is required to instruct in Obedience Ring Work or Agility.

On completion of the course, Trainees are tested by the Supervisor of Training and at least one other Panel Member.

The test consists of your knowledge of the Club rules followed by practical sessions instructing in Baby Puppy and Class 2 to demonstrate your ability to teach to the required standard.

Once you have passed your instructors test, you will be able to select which classes you would like to teach.

If you are interested, please ask your instructor, or any committee member for further information.