Obedience Training

What is Dog Obedience Training About?

Training is held at Knox Park every Sunday morning the following times:

· 8:30 am start for classes two, three, four, five, six and agility

· 10:00 am start for Class one, Baby Puppies and Beginners

Baby Puppies classes are for dogs aged between four and six months and the class will run for half an hour.

Classes One, Two, Three, Four and Beginners all run for one hour.

Classes five, six and Agility are given individual tuition.

Classes are tested monthly and dogs and handlers that have reached the appropriate standard of obedience for their Class level are promoted to the next Class. Some members aspire to attain the highest standards of Obedience whilst others choose to train their dogs to a standard suitable for a well adjusted, controllable pet. Others return year after year just for the social aspects of the club and the enjoyment of being with their dogs.

About the Classes

Handlers are taught how to train their own dogs and for best results are expected to practice what is taught at home each week.

Reward based training methods are taught in the Baby Puppy Class, and may be continued through the higher classes if handlers wish to do so.

The Club also teaches the Command / Correction / Praise method of dog training, with the emphasis on PRAISE, which is approved by the Victorian Canine Association Inc.  Handlers always have the option to use the training method best suited for their dog.

Child handlers are accepted from 10 years of age providing their dog is of suitable size and temperament for them to control.

In the first few weeks handlers are taught how to walk their dogs on a loose lead, to get him to sit, stand and drop on command. Over the following weeks the exercises are expanded to include stay, recall and stand for examination. Socialization with other dogs and people is also heavily emphasized. As the dogs and handlers progress through the Classes the exercises are refined so that eventually the dogs respond to their handlers commands whether on or off lead.

Handlers are responsible for their own dogs at all times whilst at Club and are expected to obey the Clubs Rules which are printed in the Club  Newsletter each month or click HERE to view online.

For more information on how to enroll as a member of KODC, please see our Membership page.

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