Beginners Class

Beginners Class

For dogs aged 6 months and above

What to Expect

In the first four weeks of the beginner’s class you will be taught the following:

· Heal on Lead

· Slow and Fast pace

· Stand

· Sit

· Down

· Left and right about turns

· Left and right turns

· Sit stay

· Walking recall

Classes run for one hour every Sunday morning between 9:45 am to 10:45.

Beginner’s class will be tested on the last Sunday of each month.


COLLAR: All types of collars are acceptable. Correction collar (if used) may be chain, leather, webbing or nylon, providing it has "slip rings". Flat collars are also acceptable.

LEAD: preferably leather or webbing etc and approximately 750mm long with a snap fastener.

Puppy class handlers are asked to bring some appropriate ‘treats’.  Small tasty treats ‘tempting’ for the dog such as cheese, sausage etc and also an appropriate holder such as a bum bag or food pouch.

Correct training equipment is important. For assistance on which collars and leads are appropriate for you and your dog the KODC dog shop has a range of equipment at competitive prices

REMEMBER: We train in all weather conditions so appropriate clothing/footwear is essential. ie. Runners, hats and sun block in summer, gumboots, waterproof coats and hats plus a towel to dry your dog off in winter.