Bite Inhibition

Q: I have a new puppy, and she wants to chew on everything, including me. What can I do?

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The KISS Principal

Dog training in the pub?  While sitting in your armchair?  Surely it shouldn’t be this easy?

Like most areas of life, dog training and the resolution of behaviour problems are often best handled with simplicity. Despite the inherent complexity of how many problems arise, how they have become entrenched and how they have been resistant to previous change, it is nearly always the simple approach that ends up having most impact.

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A Brief Look at Urban Sledding

AUSTRALIA is a sunburnt country, a land with little snow.  Certainly, the image of a dog pulling a person along a trail is one most of us would associate with movies like Snow Dogs or documentaries on the Alaskan wilderness.  So when we encounter a sport such as Urban Sledding for the first time, our initial reaction can be one of curiosity or even scepticism.

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Mastering the Recall

It is my belief that a good recall is one of the most important things a dog can have. It is relatively easy to teach yet continues to evade a lot of dog owners. If you are not happy with the consistency of your dog’s recall then hopefully the pointers below will be of some help.

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Onyx Deploys Secret Weapon

A series of hilarious articles by Pawprint regular contributor Norman Morcom.  Published across four Pawprint magazines in 2014, this condensed edition tells the story of a gang of KODC Agility dogs and their friends, who our intrepid reporter suspects of being a little too good...

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